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I developed the Scalp & Hair Profile in 2018, after noticing certain hair and scalp characteristics from just over 65,000 clients that have had their hair done at Hairtural Studio since 2016. Hairtural Studio is a Damage-Free™ salon that specializes 100% in only natural hair, it is comb-free, heat-free, braid-free, and dye-free.


The Scalp & Hair Profile is my 3-step hair classification framework for helping you understand you hair better. Having healthy hair begins with knowing your Scalp & Hair Profile, so that you can choose the best hair care regimen that caters to your specific needs. Choosing the correct hair care routine is essential for making your hair healthy and the best it can be.   


The genetic characteristics include your follicle (opening, size and shape), scalp barrier (consisting of the skin layer, scalp microbiome, and hydration stability), and sebum secretion. Learn more here about these scalp genetics that define your hair profile. There are 4 profiles based on these characteristics: dry, sensitive, fragile, and oily.


This step provides information on the brands and ingredients that match your profile, it further provides ingredients you must avoid. 


To get the most from your hair care routine, no matter what your profile, you should start with three simple steps; daily, weekly, and monthly steps. The daily step looks at providing hydration and nourishment for the scalp and hair. The weekly step includes cleansing and conditioning. The monthly step aims to treat and address the different problem areas.

There are 4 Natural Hair Profiles: dry, sensitive, fragile and oily. I have put together a list of these profile and their characteristics to help you easily determine which one suits you personally. 

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